Alert Helper   -   version 1.0

your  Alert Text  quickly             (free)

Aimed at on line Bridge players, AlertHelper can provide the alert text that matches your bid, quickly with just a couple of clicks.
Click to view the Alert Helper READ-ME
A windows installer is available, click the .exe link in the table below.
Mac and Linux users should download the .zip-ped MAC package. Unzip the file and read the install instructions in the  READ-ME.pdf that you can view by clicking on the large button above.
Chrome User ? - If after download you see the No-entry sign then
    Click the tiny down arrow next to 'Discard' and choose 'Keep'.
       Alert Helper
 Installer for Windows
2018 Jan 11
 Zipped package for
  both  MAC PC / Linux
2018 Jan 11
 Zipped setup.exe for
  win users with virus
  checker problems
2018 Jan 11
Problems downloading the .exe ?
Some download time virus checkers (like Avast) sometimes report the .exe above as being infected (Avast says ... DRep).  But they will happily download the .zip file. Then when you check the .exe, that is inside THAT zip file, with their real virus checker, it says - No Threats Found   !      [Sigh] what is a developer of free software supposed to do ? What all these warnings are trying to tell you is - don't install the software unless you trust where it came from. This is sound advice and unless you personally know me (and all of the early adopters DO know me) then all I can do is to suggest that you google to find out what Bridge Players say about aaBridge.

Bidding Systems Included
Currently the included alert files cover both   2 Over 1   and   OCP,   Oliver Clarke's Precision.
Additional alert files are easy to write, the are just .txt files. See the supplied  READ-ME.pdf  in the .zip or windows install.
    Also includes an example   BIL ASSISTANT's   chat file
If you write an alert file for your bidding system and would like it included in the release, do send it to me   roger (at)

Do enjoy your Bridge