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Before you continue please check that you are logged into BBO and you are sitting at all four seats of an invisible teaching table in your favourite club.

Now please set your BBO to narrow screen, narrow font and standard (not mazimized) height and set ChatAssistant to 'hanging below'. If you're not sure how to do that please go back the previous section or two and go through them.

Using Ctrl-W switch ChatAssistant into standard (not slim) mode.

Please make sure that the single checkbox just to the left of the 'Prefs/Msgs' button is unchecked. Please then switch ChatAssistant back into 'Slim' mode.

^ Circumflex Key (shifted 6)

Click the ^ circumflex key on your keyboard to make the Prefs/Msgs window will open, of course, as usual.

Click the Prefs tab to Show the preferences page

Now resize it and place it as shown below.

Click the cirucmflex ^ key (shifted 6) a number of times. Each time you click the 'Prefs/Msgs' window well appear or disappear. Of course ChatAssistant or BBO will need to be the active application for this to work.

To be honest the position that the 'Prefs/Msgs' window is now occupying is more useful when you are in wide mode and when you are showing messages in it that you wish to send but all that will be covered in a later section.

Swap ChatAssistant out of Slim mode and into normal mode.

and this time make sure that the checkbox just to the left of the 'Prefs/Msgs' button is checked as you can just see it is above.

... to be worked on more...........

If any users have suggestions as to what in particluar should be covered please let me know. There is no point in me adding more if no one is doing the tutorial :)

email me - roger (at)




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