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Adding ChatAssistant

Before you start ChatAssistant check that you are logged into BBO and you are sitting at all four seats of an invisible teaching table in your favourite club.

Now please set your BBO to narrow screen, narrow font and standard (not mazimized) height. If you're not sure how to do that please go back the previous section and go through it again. Once that is done please start ChatAssistant.

Two important keys in ChatAssistant are -

` (grave key) top left

Ctrl - 'minus' key

(not shown)

Click these two keys now and do it a number of times in different orders so that you get used to seeing exactly what happens. What you will find is that the grave key ` takes ChatAssistant into and out of 'Minimal' mode and that the Ctrl-'minus' key takes ChatAssistant into an out of 'Slim' mode.

There are also buttons that do the same as the two keys above. You are of course, welcome to use these but this tutorial is going to focus on using the keys because after all for most of us most of the time 'chat' is done with the keys, so your fingers are already on the keyboard or thereabouts.

Standard Mode

Slim Mode

Minimal Mode

Keys Sequences - Are you expected to remember them all?

Absolutely not I don't expect anyone doing this tutorial to learn all the keys that's not the point. The point of doing all these things is so that you remember that there are ways to change them if you want to and then you can go and look up how to do it either by checking the Preferences in your ChatAssistant or by reading the other ChatAssistant help pages.

Ctrl - ?

Ctrl - ? is one key (sequence) that I certainly don't expect anyone to bother to remember. However I do use its bigger brother Ctrl-';' quite a lot. Click Ctrl - ? a number of times and combine it with the other two keys be covered above what should happen is that whatever the mode slim, standard or minimal, ChatAssistant should jump from 'hanging below' to being on top of the BBO window.

If you look closely at the above example you will see a slim mode ChatAssistant 'hanging below' the BBO window. I encourage any readers of this tutorial to try out and to gets see the benefits of 'Slim mode'. It takes up such a small amount of space which is especially useful when it is on top of the BBO window.

If your monitor is tall enough to allow ChatAssistant to hang below BBO in wide mode then please also practice using Ctrl-; which does the same job but for wide mode. This is one feature I do use a lot.

The Active Application

You may have noticed when clicking the above Ctrl-'?' key that it was different from the others we have dealt with before. This is the first 'key' (sequence) that is a ChatAssistant only key. That means if BBO is the active application and you then click Ctrl-'?' it will not work. To make it work you first have to click on ChatAssistant or (and this is what I wanted to learn) click on the grave key `.

Please practice that now. First click on BBO so that ChatAssistant is not the active application. Then click Ctrl-'?' and see that it does not work. Now click the grave key ` (top left) and ChatAssistant will become the active application and are now Ctrl-'?' will work.

Notice that if ChatAssistant already is the active application then clicking the grave key ` will cause it to swap into or out of minimal mode. This does not matter just click the grave key ` again if it is not mode you want to see.

Click on BBO (it is much bigger than ChatAssistant)
Click the ` grave key (this makes ChatAssistant the active application)
Ctrl-? (or Ctrl-; if you are in Wide mode)

Of course I am not telling you that this is how you have to use ChatAssistant I am just showing you that there are these ways of using it.



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