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BBO Basics

You should just have been through the Introduction and have read about how to click 'Ctrl' (control) keys. You should now be logged into BBO and be sitting (in all four seats) at an invisible teaching table in your favourite club. If this is not the case please go back to the Introduction and complete that section.

If you also have ChatAssistant running please close it. This section is going to about the standard BBO controls. Then hopefully things will make more sense when we add in the additional ChatAssistant controls.

ChatAssistant is of course all about Chat. There are three major BBO controls that affect how much chat we can see and what it looks like to us. These are -

Ctrl - W

Ctrl - F

and the Maximise button middle of the top right three buttons on BBO.

Please 'click on or do' each of these three in turn and in different combinations to see their various effect.

As you will soon discover there are two other buttons that have a strong effect on how BBO looks to us. Both on these are on the BBO bottom row. They bring our set of three up to a set of five. There are the -

Small / Big Deal button

Card / Diagram button

With a little practice you should be able to rapidly go for example between - Wide Screen, Wide Fonts, Normal Height

to Narrow Screen, Narrow Fonts Maximised Height

As and exercise please try it now. Going from the first image to the second image and and back.

Did you spot the oddity? - Going from large to small you do not need to click the Small / Big Deal button but going the other way you do.

Try it again if you are not sure what I mean.

I think it should take no more than a few seconds to go from one state above to the other if you are taking a lot longer than this I suggest you do it a few more times before continuing.

One small point to note - if you have a screen that is not very tall (like some modern wide screen laptops) you may find that you can't get BBO to be in both wide mode and maximized height at the same time - this is normal.

Chat, Tourney, Tables and Lobby

There are four more BBO buttons that we can now throw into the mix.

Please click on these and use them in combination with the other BBO buttons we have covered earlier, in particular Maximize and Ctrl-W. Wide and narrow BBO has a significant effect on how these buttons look.

In later sections we will be adding ChatAssistant on top of BBO. So it is a good idea to get used to how BBO looks in all its modes before we add in ChatAssistant.

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