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The rest of this tutorial assumes you have already downloaded and installed ChatAssistant. If you have not done so then please follow the top link in the left-hand column, go back to the ChatAssistant area and download it.

As you finish each page (section) of the tutorial just select the next link in sequence in the left hand column or pick another appropriate link if you wish.

When you are done link the at the very top on the left will take you back to the normal ChatAssistant area of the website.


Control Keys

Some of the tutorial material deals clicking control keys. When you see text that says something like -


What you are expected to do is to hold down the control key, bottom left-hand corner of most keyboards (often marked 'Ctrl') and then press and release the letter S just as you normally would and then release the control key. If you can learn to do Ctrl-S with just the left hand, so much the better.

If the control key under discussion is a ChatAssistant only control key then you will need to quickly look and see if ChatAssistant is the active application. If it is not (looks gray and dull) then click on ChatAssistant to make it the active application and only then click the control key as described above.

Keys to make ChatAssistant the active application. - Yes you can do as above and click (with the mouse) on ChatAssistant. However if BBO is currenly the active application you can also use the grave key ` (top right) on your keyboard under the escape key. This can be quicker and you positioned with your fingers on the keyboard.

Make an Invisble Teaching Table (Room)

Almost all of the tutorial is done from within a room. So -

Login to BBO now and go to your favourite club and create an invisible room (table)

Making the table invisible means you won't get players asking you for a game.

Making the table Teaching means we you can sit in all four seats at once and see cards.

Please do that, sit in all four seats. To do that you click on each 'name bar' in turn. Each of the four hands will now be showing cards.

Please click on the next tutorial link, in the left-hand column.


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