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FAQ   -   Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am used to hitting ESC key to make the Chat box 'Go Away', what should I do instead?

A. On a BBO "Chat box" the Esc key does two things. It makes the chat box go away and it discards the contents, so anything you have typed is thrown away. In ChatAssistant these two things are separate actions.

The grave key ` (top left) and/or Ctrl-J and/or Ctrl-';' are the equivalent of making the Chat Assitant 'go away'.

To delete the text you have to either use the Prefs setting that will make Esc key discard all the text OR select the text you do not want and hit the delete key (Del). The standard way to select all in Windows application is Control-A.

Q. Why is my Chat output, when seen on BBO, so narrow? I have adjusted the wideness slider to its maximum but still the output does not extend as far as expected.

A. Click on the 'Prefs/Msgs' button and under the Prefs tab change the default login ID to your own.

ChatAssistant uses the length of this ID while calculating the total width that will be seen by the recipients of your messages on BBO. Your login ID is expected to be to have a minimum of around eight characters. So if you have a very short login ID you will see the width of Chat messages being slightly shorter than you might expect. Also see the Wideness section

Q. I want to use a second monitor for ChatAssistant

A. Click the 'Prefs/Msgs' button and look under the Prefs tab and scroll down to the special option for using ChatAssistant on a second monitor. This turns off the special resizing features that are needed for ChatAssistant to work reasonably when sitting on top of the BBO Bridge playing area.

Q. My Keyboard does not have the ' (grave) key in the Top Left Corner

A. Click the 'ESC Prefs/Msgs' button, look under the Prefs tab and scroll down to the special option for assigning whatever key you do have in the top left corner. You need to choose a real character key if you are using this option, as keys like 'control' and 'shift' cannot do the job.


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