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The preferences settings are generally straightforward. Additional information is provided under the image of the option.

Setting this to your login ID will help the Assistant output lines of reasonable length. Remember that other users, including those using the Flash / Java client, may have less space to see messages than you do.

The wideness slider control - see the main input bar - is where each user can control the wideness of the messages as they appear on other people's screens.

If you regularly use different login names then put the longest of them here.

This controls the minimum height of the input bar. When set to 2 lines the position of the 5 kibitzing buttons are adjusted so that they can all be seen. In the normal one-line setting you will need to check the box to see all five kibitzing buttons.

In three-line working mode all 5 buttons can also be seen and there is enough space to show them with normal spacing.

In addition to the above two settings, if you want the Assistant input bar to stay at a fixed height and not grow downwards for multi-line messages, then see the 'Fixed Size Working' option further down this list.

This option is provided for those who want to type multiline messages and have the Return key start a new line.

By default the Tab key has no effect.

This option is for machines whose hardware sometimes appears to report the Shift key as being down when it is not.

This allows the user to set the meaning of the Esc key.

Control-; (semi-colon) will toggle the wide value on and off. Think of the ';' as being a thing that hangs down from the BBO window as does a minimal ChatAssistant. And the questionmark is below the ';' on the keyboard.

Without this set 'on' whenever a new Bridge Movie is produced it takes focus. When that happens it means that you then need to click on ChatAssistant or BBO to get any commands (or typing) to work.

Note that control and '8' (* asterisk on some keyboards) will bring the Bridge Movie to the front. Of course this only works when ChatAssistant has focus.

Go into Slim mode (shifted ^) and type as few blank lines (shifted Return) to see what this is about.

You can use this to add additional keys that will activate the Assistant or make it minimal. The key, or to be more accurate, the character you choose, has to be a real typing character. The shift or control keys will not do the job.

Note - A 'real character' is needed because the BBO bridge playing window needs a real character to pass to ChatAssistant. It is this passing of a real character that wakes up ChatAssistant.

This Option has been downgraded to NOT RECOMMENDED as users are reporting an increaseing number of unwanted side effects. This option keeps the 'Chat to' selector up to date without you having to take any additional action as you move from room to tournament or to lobby in the BBO bridge window. On some systems it can cause annoying flicker as the old "Chat to" window is created and destroyed on the task bar. If this is the case for you set it to Never Check.

ChatAssistant communicates with the BBO bridge playing window through the old BBO chat box. The old BBO chat box window is created and closed on a regular basis. If this happens where you can see it the flicker is annoying.

To stop this annoying flicker ChatAssistant puts the old BBO chat window out of sight. If you wish to hide it yourself uncheck this option.

This option is provided for those who need to use the keyboard for bidding and card play. The setting here MUST match your setting in BBO. Because this setting disables the 'sitting at table delection feature' it is not recomended unless you need it.

The first option is strongly recommended for most users.

These are the bridge text conversion preferences. See the Conversion & Dictation section for more information.

This feature is provided so that dictation users can specify the name of their own special 'send' button. This name can of course be in the user's language not just in English. This is especially useful when ChatAssistant is in slim mode. In slim mode, the send button is invisible and you cannot normally dictate commands to an invisible button.



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