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Wideness - Line length on the Screen

When the BBO chat box is used to send long lines of text they can, to some people, be slightly hard to follow. For example here is a sample paragraph -

There is a key reason why magazines and newspapers present print to their readers in multiple columns and do not use the approach of the traditional book with its single column wide page. The reason is that narrow bands of text are easier to take in, easier to understand than is text presented in a single wide column.

Below is the an example of how it can look to some users when it is sent using the normal BBO 'Chat to'.

And here is the same sample paragraph sent using ChatAssistant. In this case it is displayed on a wide mode screen with standard wide font.

Here it is again, this time on a narrow screen with standard narrow mode font having been sent to the Kibitzers.

The only way ChatAssistant can format a message so that readers will see it 'well formated' is if ChatAssistant restricts the length of line it sends. It is for this reason that ChatAssistant sends smaller line segments than the maximum possible.

Notice that ChatAssistant takes account of the length of the title of the destination - Kibitzer, Club - in its calculation of the length of the space remaining that is available for message text.

In order to get the output looking reasonable, ChatAssistant needs to know the length of your username, hence you are asked to input it in the Prefs section.


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