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The conversion options are provided to make the life of a bridge player who has to type or speak their chat as easy as possible. If however you don't want them to operate there are options in Prefs which allow you to turn on or off the 'bridge text conversions'.

There is a conversion option so that the four (lowercase only) letters of the suits in a deck of cards c, d, h and s, will automatically be converted to their BBO symbol counterparts of !C, !D, !H and !S.

Another conversion option is also available to all the double letters and a number and letter that could be cards from the deck. For example
7d => 7!D
sk => !SK
Jc => J!C

There is one small exception to the conversion rule above. The letter pair 'as' is left unconverted as it is such a common English word. The settings for controlling the conversions are at the end of Prefs section.

For vugraph commentators the following optional set of conversions have been added (case insensitive i.e. both upper and lower case)

@n     convert to   North
@s     convert to   South
@e     convert to   East
@w    convert to   West



ChatAssistant can make direct dictation into BBO a simple activity. As you speak the input bar will grow downwards to match the size required. The idea is that you can dictate your text and just end by speaking the words 'Click Send' and it will start to appear on your BBO display area.

The dictation program used to test this feature is Nuance Dragon Dictate version 10 running on XP.

Four example a user could speak the text -

followed by the words 'Click Send'

And the following would appear on your BBO message display area.

As dictation programs can have a problem distinguishing between the word 'for' and 'four' there is a special option in the conversions section of Prefs to convert the word 'for' into a 4.

The invisible 'go' button

There is a setting in Prefs

... that allows you to specify your own special 'send' button. This name can of course be in the user's language not just in English. This is especially useful when ChatAssistant is in slim mode. In slim mode the send button is invisible and you cannot normally dictate commands to an invisible button.


Interactions between DragonDictate and BBO

If you run DragonDictate with BBO directly (ChatAssistant not running) you will find that often when you leave the room using the back button, BBO will complain and suddenly close. This appears to be caused by ChatAssistant looking at the adverts on the BBO page (which are on an embedded browser window) and trying to establish commands that you can speak in this window.

If you turn off DragonDictate's HTML command option the problem ceases. Of course that this issue is nothing to do with ChatAssistant and happens when ChatAssistant is running or not.

The following two images are my DragonDictate settings got to via -Tools | Options

Seen when the 'Natural Language Commands' button is pressed

I hope the dictation side of things works as well for you as it does for me.





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