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Part D - Archiving

You are strongly recommened to use the newer Save and Load Sets system in preference to this archiving feature. See the previous section Part C

Whenever ChatAssistant closes the current window positions, all the text and settings of your messages are saved automatically as a single collection (in the active .inz file).

The 'Make Archive' button also does the normal full save of the collection to the active .inz file.

In addition the 'Make Archive' button also creates two other files- these are put in the 'Archives' folder. The first of these files is a copy of the .inz saved collection. The second file is an RTF (Rich Text File) it has a .rtf extension. RTF files can be looked at with any full word processor like Microsoft Word.

The idea is that once you have added all your messages you will click the 'Make Archive' button and make an archive. Later you can double-click on the .rtf file and use it as a means of seeing what is inside a specific .inz archive file.

(You cannot import or load an .rtf file into ChatAssistant. The way to Save and Load Sets of messages is covered in the previous section. Part C).

Letter 'A' (mouse over) Button

Just in front of the 'Make Archive' button is the (mouse over) button 'A'. When you click this ChatAssistant launches a 'file view' showing the archives folder called 'Archive_inz_rtf' which is where the two files are always created. This folder can be be found in ...\RogerPf_com\ChatAssistant which can in turn be found in -

XP - the main folder in which you installed ChatAssistant. On an English language system this is normally in C:\Program Files\...

Vista - in the (new to Vista) common program data folder. On an English language system this is normally C:\ProgramData\... note that this new program data folder is normally hidden so you will need to 'show hidden files' if you want to walk there yourself.

So every time you click the 'Make Archive' button ChatAssistant will create two files with the following file name format :-


Below is an example from an XP System. Under Vista you would normally see 'ProgramData' (one word) and not 'Program Files' (two words).

Archive Backups

As your collection of messages grows you will want to keep backups. The file you need to keep is the latest .inz file described in the section above. Of course you can also keep separate 'Saves' of individual sets of messages, see the next page.

Restoring your Messages

To restore your set of messages - for example after you have got a new computer, you can either save and load your messages as described in the next section or use the following procedure.

  • First install BBO
  • Close ChatAssistant, if it is running
  • Copy your .inz file from the folder called 'Active_inz' to the 'Active_inz' folder on your new computer. OR use one of the .inz files from 'Archives_inz_rtf' folder. In this case you will need to remove the date and time part of the file name so that the final file is called   ChatAssistant_StoMsgs.inz

When you next run ChatAssistant it will find your messages.


This is the end of the Stored Messages Help section - Please Scroll back up the page to see the other links in the left hand column.



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