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Part B - Editing Messages

Edit Mode

The Green Triangle button in the top right swaps between edit mode and normal mode. If you were to click the green triangle on the example shown in Part A, it would then look like this.

You can tell you are in edit mode because you can see the lines of buttons and there is a slight green tint to the background of the list of messages.

All of the buttons above (on the real software) have their own tool tip. Just hover the mouse over the button and its explanation will pop into view.

In edit mode the letter buttons do not send messages. When clicked on they toggle from being visible to being a black 'x'. In this way you can disable individual letter buttons for individual messages.

The line of check boxes are used to show or hide any columns that you the user do not need to see. If you don't need a column just hide it. There is a checkbox to hide each of the columns except the Room, Kibitzers and Person/Private columns. For example, if a set of messages will never be sent to a tournament then you may as well hide the tournament column.

Columns or letter buttons for Opponents and 'Kibitzers Including Opponents' and Alert are also show in the image above.

The slider allows you to adjust the width of the Msg ID column.

New Set button

Creates a new empty set and adds it to the end of the list of message sets.

D (mouse over) button

This adds a copy of the Demo Set of messages to the end of the list of sets.

'Last Message Clicked on' - indicator columns

In the above example you can see a purple dot that shows the 'last row clicked on'. In addition to this column there are two other 'last clicked on' indication columns that you can optionally display. Click on the first and last checkboxes, which in the above example are showing as unchecked.

You can edit the small title of the set in the obvious way, just click on the little edit box. You can move lines up and down within a set and move sets left to right with the appropriate small green diamond buttons.

To create a new message simply click on the line below the existing messages. Older messages which have a Msg ID but blank messageg text will have a hyphen put in the message the next time ChatAssistant is started.

To edit a Message

To edit a message simply click on the message itself and the background of the text will go white showing that you can now edit it.

To delete a message simply leave both the Msg ID field and its main text blank . When you next load ChatAssistant that message will be gone. Note: Ctrl-A will select all the text in a message so making it much easier to delete.

Multi Line Messages

Whenever you send a long message out through ChatAssistant it will automatically be cut into segments which will show neatly on the line that other users see. (See the preferences page for information on how ChatAssistant takes into account the length of your login ID).

To force the start of a new line in the middle of a stored message use the circumflex character ^ (shifted 6).

Private Club Broadcast Chat

Private club managers are able to send a Club Broadcast Chat to all their Private club members logged in at that moment. ChatAssistant provides an optional column (CB) which when set to visible can be seen after the P (Person) column.

Of course, you must be logged in using a private club manager account for this option to work.

In order to greatly reduce the possibility unintended sends, Club Broadcast chat is handled differently from other messages.

When a CB letter button is clicked that message is copied directly to the Club Broadcast chat input window. Club Broadcast chat is never put in the main ChatAssistant bar and can never be sent from the main ChatAssistant bar.

Blue 'h' hold has no effect on Club Broadcast chat. You can think of Club Broadcast chat as always being held in its own output box.

ChatAssistant never clicks the send button for Club Broadcast Chat. The club manager is left to click the 'By chat' button themselves.

Broadcast Chat messages always go as one long line. They can never have linefeeds inside them. Any circumflex characters (^) are converted to spaces before being copied.

Dual Login Working

Managers of private clubs may also have dual login capability. This means they can have two BBO sessions logged in at the same time. When ChatAssistant detects multiple BBO logins it will select and stay attached to and operate with only one of the logins.

ChatAssistant selects the first login it finds as the one to work with. If this login is a private club manager login and it later finds a normal login, then it will switch to the normal login. Should that normal login close it will switch to using any other open login.

Note that this is exactly what a user would want. When ChatAssistant is attached to and operating with their normal login they can still send broadcast chat through ChatAssistant using the Broadcast Chat CB buttons described in the previous section. This is because the CB buttons always automatically use the appropriate input box available in the Private Club managers login.

Grid of Buttons

The first image on this page shows the way that the columns of letter button look in normal mode. There is an altenative option that you can use,

When in edit mode check the 'Grid of Buttons' checkbox.

then swap back to normal mode (click the Green Triangle again). This will cause the list of letter buttons to show as a grid of buttons.

Note - you can have a choice of two button sizes click the S or L selector (top right) described above.

Compare the 'Openings', 1C, 1D and 1H/1S buttons with the entries below.

Buttons, Line Breaks, Headings and Colors

A button will be created from every line that has at least one letter button checked AND has Msg ID text (this will be the button text) AND has Message text that is more than one character long. (Above you can see the buttons 1C and 1D in both their button and row format)

A line Break (in the grid of buttons) will be created for every line that has NO letter buttons checked AND has an empty Msg ID Recommendation - set the message text to a single hyphen '-'. (Above you can see the blank line that caues the line break before the button heading Openings)

A heading like the word Openings above will be created from every line that has NO letter buttons checked AND has a Msg ID (this will be the bolded header text) Recommendation - set the message text to a single hyphen '-'. (Above you can see the word Openings shown as both a row entry and as the heading in the button grid).

Note this means that any lines which have some letter buttons checked AND have Message ID text BUT have message text of only 1 or 0 characters in length will not show up in the grid of buttons.

Button Color

The button color is set by first checking the checkbox of the button width color so the color column is showing. You can now click any entry and enter an HTML style six hex digit color (red => ff0000) or after the first click do a dbl click to bring up the standard Windows color picker.

Note - if you are connected to BBO it is best not to leave the color picker open and showing for long. Just pick the color and close it.

The First letter button gets fired

In normal letter button display mode the user can choose the destination by clicking on the button in any row they choose. In 'Grid of Button' mode ChartAssistant will instead scan the column of buttons and always fire the first on that has a letter in it. This means that you effectively only have a single choice of which button to fire for every button in the grid.

Note that if you really need to have a choice you can duplicate that message and assign a different letter button to that second copy.


Demonstration Tables and Red Bar K

A major planned use of this feature is for by pairs at demonstration tables. Here each of the partners has a detailed set of buttons that explain their complete system. Most of the grid buttons will be set to fire the letter button 'Kibs Including Opps'. This allows both members of the opposition and any kibitzers watching to see the full detailed description of any bid while partner sees nothing.

One small problem with this feature is that when (say during practice) there are no kibitzers watching, BBO will complain every time a message is sent to these non-existent kibitzers. To overcome this problem ChatAssistant will detect the first time that BBO complains of a lack of kibitzers caused by the sending of one of these messages. At that point ChatAssistant will stop sending the kibitzers a copy of any future messages and instead show the Red Bar K symbol in the top right hand corner of the stored messages window - see above.

Alt-K or clicking on the Red Bar K symbol will clear the message suppression and restart the flow to any newly arrived kibbers.


Stored Messages help continues in Part C or scroll back up the page to see the other links in the left hand column.


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