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Part A - Sending Messages

Below is an example of the stored messages window in 'ready to use' mode. Notice that the background of the list is white (on XP) and that there are no lines of buttons showing above the messages. (If the top lines of buttons are showing, clicking the Green Triangle (top right) will take you out of edit mode and hide those buttons).

Font size choice

In the top right between the question mark and the red X 'close' box is the letter 'S' or 'L'. Clicking on it changes the font size in the message list between Standard and Large.

Letter Buttons

To send a message you simply click the colored letter for its destination. Think of the colored letter as a tiny button that will send the message. (If you are in edit mode - and can see the rows of buttons - you will need to click the the Green Triangle first, top right).

While most of letters are obvious there are a few you might not have expected, Opponents, KO - Kibs Including Opponents, and Alert. There is also a special Club Broadcast column (not shown in the image below) for Private Club Managers.

Alert (letter button) A - When clicked the Alert does not send chat or ever write to the main ChatAssistant Input area. Instead it first looks for the BBO "Explain this:" prompt and if found the text is inserted in there, if not it searches for an Alert 'input area' and puts the text in there. Other than putting the text in the correct place, nothing else happens - no buttons are ever clicked, leaving you free to select your bid or alter the text as you wish.

'h' for hold

If there is a blue letter 'h' showing in the top right hand corner next to the green triangle or if there is a blue 'h' showing in the column entry for that message then the message will be 'held'. It will be put in the input box on the main ChatAssistant window. Think of the blue letter h in the top left as being a safety mechanism. It is really there for training and testing. Normally you should click on it and have it show as a hyphen.

If you want to 'hold' a message in normal use, because you need to it change part of it, then the way to do this is to have its own individual blue 'h' showing in its own 'hold' column.

No Conversions

When stored messages are sent they bypass the ChatAssistant 'Bridge Text Conversions'. When sent with designation of 'blue h' stored, messages cause the Conv check box on the ChatAssistant main input bar to be cleared. So when writing stored messages you will need to supply your own ! characters to get the BBO suit symbols.

Selection Indicator dots

The purple dot you can see in the image above, in a column on its own, shows the last message row that was clicked on.

There are three other images that you will see in that column. They are -

Red dot, this shows there was a problem, could your connection with BBO have dropped? Or are you trying to send an ultra-short message? ChatAssistant will not send messages that are only a few characters long. Or are you trying to send to a person and have forgotten to select a person in the 'Chat to' destination window on the main ChatAssistant bar?

Green diamond, this shows that the message was successfully sent from the stored message list directly to BBO and you should see it appear on BBO in a moment or two.

Blue Diamond, this shows that the message was successfully sent from the stored messages list and was placed in the ChatAssistant output bo. You should be able to see it there at once.

Msg ID column

The column that comes before the column of blue 'h's is the 'Msg ID' column. The idea is that you the user will assign your own short letter code that will be a quick guide to what the full message contains. This message code is never transmitted to BBO. You can vary the width of the column to suit the way you use it. See the Prefs section.

You can hover the mouse over the long message text area and its tool tip will pop up and expand outside the list over to the right so you can read it.


Consider using the first message in each set as a title or a description of the messages in that set.


Grid of Buttons

Instead of letter buttons you can show the table as a set 'Grid of Buttons'.

This is covered in detail at the end of the next section (Part B).


Stored Messages help continues in Part B or scroll back up the page to see the other links in the left hand column.


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