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Stored Messages

You open the Stored Messages window by clicking on the ^ Circumflex key (shifted 6) or the 'Prefs/Msgs' button. Subsequent presses of the ^ key press will hide the window.

Easy Double Working - By Design

The stored message window and the normal ChatAssistant input window work together almost as if they were one single window. This is by design.

The idea is that you, the teacher, can leave your mouse over the button to send the next message to the class while at the same time

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you are typing a response to a specific question into the ChatAssistant main input bar.

There is no need to move the mouse to click in 'the other' window. You can send messages with a mouse click from the Stored Messages window and then resume typing without giving a thought to which window of ChatAssistant is 'active'.

When you send a message direct from the Stored message window to BBO your current 'being typed' message will, of course, be left untouched.

Note that focus is shared between the two windows that make up ChatAssistant. These are the Input bar window and the Prefs/Stored Msgs window. Because focus is shared between these two windows you never need to click on one if the focus is on the other, just move the mouse across. It is probably easiest if you do not have these two windows overlapping.

Placement Suggestion

Put your Stored Messages window in the position shown below and then hide it with the - ^ (shifted 6) key.

There is also a way of having a second postition and size for this Stored Message window. Hover your mouse over the check box next to the 'Prefs/Msgs' button on the main ChatAssistant Input bar for details.

Stored Messages help continues in Part A or scroll back up the page to see the other links in the left hand column.



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