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To Download ChatAssistant

Chat Assistant is also known as

To download ChatAssistant Ver 3.1 please -

Dbl-click with the mouse on the .exe link in the table below then


select Save - RECOMMENDED and once downloaded dbl-click the saved program to start the install.


select Run - start the download and install. - You can are still free to do this BUT recent releases of some anti-virus software e.g. Symantec Norton Anti-virus will sometimes report any programs that downloads to and then runs from a temp file (in one go) as a "potential security" flaw. If you download to your desktop this does not happen.

Next see Getting Started (look for it in the column on the left of this page)


ChatAssistant comes as an installable program, as a setup.exe file. Please delete and discard all previous ChatAssistant.exe's / setup.exe's of all previous versions.

Yes, you can install a new one directly over an old one.

Please close any ChatAssistant that is running before you run the install.

All users are recommended to use the latest version.

Name Ver Build Released
ChatAssistant - Latest 3.1 1736 2009 Apr 08

Release Notes

1736   2009-Apr-08   Added additional optional text convertions     @o => Open Room    #c => Closed Room etc

1734   2009-Feb-17   Added additional optional text convertions     @n => North     #s => South     *e => East     @ns => North-South    See Prefs for details.

1732   2009-Feb-05   Typing errors that end in semicolon 's' instead of apostrophy 's' (for example . . . Jane;s instead of Jane's) are now not converted to semicolon spade symbol. Note of course the automatic convesions can still be switched of in the Prefs.

1730   2009-Jan-30   Focus now returned more correctly to ChatAssistant after clicking on other Apps and then typing on BBO. Improvements to the Prefs window text.

1728   2009-Jan-25   Users with existing OKScripts that send Chat and Alerts to BBO can now direct the Chat and Alerts through ChatAssistant so allowing the scripts to run faster. See Stored Messages Part B for more information.

1724   2009-Jan-23   Users of windows XP who set the display style to be that of 'Classic Windows' (like 98) now see the buttons displayed correctly.

1722   2009-Jan-21   Added Alt-2 and Alt-4 when dummy swaps between showing all four hands and only you and partner. Alt-Y, Alt-D and Alt-T or 5 swaps the lowest postition hand (south) between (Y)Yours, (D) Declarer and (T or 5)South.

1720   2009-Jan-18   Setting added for those who need to use the keys for bidding and card play. The new setting in Prefs MUST match your setting in BBO. As this disables some normal ChatAssistant features it is not recomended.

1718   2009-Jan-17   'Hang Below' (Ctrl -';') mode is now allowed on 'Wide BBO' with screens of only 800 px high. This is a standard height for many modern laptops. Users of 800 px high screens trying out this feature are advised to run in 'Slim mode' as there is very little space. See Prefs for more details.

1714   2009-Jan-14   If you 'Copy and Pasted' text into Main box it will show keeping any existing font it has. This is by design. However now after every send the default font of Ariel 14 point is restored.

1712   2009-Jan-12   Users creating Matches and Tournaments can now chat while that dialog showing and other small fixes e.g. Color Picker now show color corectly.

1710   2009-Jan-10   'Grid of Buttons' mode for stored messages can now have colored button text.

1704   2009-Jan-04   Added Alt-Z and Alt-X two altenative ways of saving the current text so the you can reply to a more recent message first. See Input Bar help for more details.

1702   2009-Jan-02   Added Prefs setting to optionaly display the Prefs/Msgs window at startup. Stored Messages showing in 'Grid of Buttons' mode can now show the message text in a pop-up tooltip.

1700   2009-Jan-01   First Public Release following the succesful Early Adopter program.


------   2008-Oct-20    Version 2 and earlier obsoleted


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