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Stored Messages

This feature has been specifically designed for Bridge Tutors. It will also be useful to anyone else who needs to keep a list of frequently sent BBO messages. Sending a stored message now becomes a one click action. Each stored message can contain multiple lines.

Optionally, text can also be sent directly to the Alert box or to the 'Explain this bid:' window.

Or it can show an OK Script style of 'Grid of Buttons'

Speak your Chat

ChatAssistant works well with dictation software like Nuance Dragon Dictate 10. All you need to do is to speak your chat and watch it fill up the ChatAssistant input window. When you are ready to send you just say the words - 'Click Send'.

Automatic conversion to BBO Bridge symbols

No more having to type the ! (exclamation mark) character to get the BBO suit symbols. From now on typing 7d will (when you do a Send) be converted to 7!D which will show on BBO as as 7 followed by the red diamond symbol. These Bridge versions can be enabled or disabled under Preferences.


Takes up less space than the standard BBO Chat box

Because Chat Assistant has no top title bar it takes up less space that the old BBO Chat Box. Above it is shown running in 'Slim Mode'. When you input more than one line of text the box automatically grows downwards so you can see everything that you have written. When you fire off the 'send', the input area shrinks back to its normal size.

Quick access to the Kibitzing the Buttons

Even when ChatAssistant is in its minimal state you still have one click access to the five kibitzing direction buttons.

Chat on BBO is just simpler this way.

General Ease of Use

The ChatAssistant input window stays in the same place. It is visible when you want it to be visible. When you're playing cards you can still see the text of any message you are in the process of writing. If you want it to vanish then one click and it goes away.

The ChatAssistant 'Chat to' selector now contains a single large colored character that instantly shows you the current Chat destination. The smaller character allows you to select the the 'Chat to' destination that will apply after a successful send.


Multi-line chat messages

If you want to input very long chat messages, then the Chat input box grows downwards as you fill it so you can see the whole of your long message at a glance. You can even put linefeeds in the message if you want to.

Of course if the ChatAssistant window ever gets in your way then it's just one click with the mouse or on the keyboard and it's gone.

Well formatted Output

On the old BBO chat window long messages are spread over many lines. With ChatAssistant long messages are separated into easily viewable lengths. This makes reading your message much easier for the recipient who can clearly see who sent every line visible on their screen. There is a wideness slider that allows you to set the width that the viewer will see.

Instant access to the old chat Window

If you ever want to use the original BBO chat window for anything, for example sending BBO mail, then it is there just as it always was with one click on the 'Mail' (mouse over) button.


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