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What is Chat Assistant?

Chat Assistant is also known as

Chat Assistant is a small FREE addon to the Windows version of the free Online Bridge Playing program that you can download from BBO (Bridge Base Online). Look for the link that follows the text - Looking for our downloadable Windows program?

For the ChatAssistant download link see the left hand column on this page.

When ChatAssistant first starts and the BBO application is not running, then it will look like (depending on your system and settings) the following -

once the BBO application has started, ChatAssistant will change and now move and shrink and look something like -

What you will notice now is that ChatAssistant has no large title bar as part of its window. This is to save space, to keep it small, so you can see as much of BBO's bridge playing area as possible.

If you click the minimal button, ChatAssistant will shrink to its smallest possible size - its 'minimal' size - and look like this

ChatAssistant takes over the job of the normal BBO Chat Box giving new features and greater ease of use. ChatAssistant does not alter the BBO program in any way. Think of ChatAssistant as being like a bike rack for your car. It's not part of the vehicle and it doesn't even come from the same manufacturer but once added to your vehicle it adds functionality and in time you come to think of the combination as being 'your car'.

When you need it, it will expand to the normal BBO Chat Box size shown earlier (middle image).

For more information including downloads, select a Chat Assistant link from the left hand column.



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