Explore To

'Explore to'

Explore to is a tiny application that is written to run on Windows XP. It also runs on Vista. However on Vista shortcuts behave a little more properly and 'Explore to' is not as needed.

On XP, when you make a shortcut to a folder and double-click it you end up with a view like this -

What I want when I browse a folder is a view like this -

And I want it without having to click the "folders" button every time I open a shortcut.

'Explore to' does just this. You only need one copy as it will make more copies of itself. It stores the name of the folder you want to browse inside itself. So it creates no additional files and puts nothing in the registry.

The secret of 'Explore to's is remembering that - when you want to make a new one - hold down the control key while the double-click on ANY old one. If you don't hold down the control key the target folder will, of course, be shown to you as above.

To download 'Explore to', click the right mouse button on the .EXE link below and select Save Target As... your desk top is the idea place to run it from.

Name Ver Build Released
Explore to - Latest 1.0 130 2008 Oct 25

Remember to make a new one, its - hold down the CTRL key - while you dbl click.