aaBridge   -   version 4.0

is a free Bridge play / study program

This edition of aaBridge includes active presentations of over   1,650 commented deals from the HondoBridge website and many other bridge tutorials by other authors.

NEW - v4.0 Supports many languages, including Chinese 我能吞 and Russian стекло.   Want to add or improve a translation ?

Mac PC
Tablets and Phones
Install aaBridge on Windows - How to
Install aaBridge on Macs - How to

aaBridge requires Java.
Currently no tablets
or phones support Java,
inc iPad and iPhone.

A windows installer is available, click the .exe link in the table below. Mac and Linux users can download the .jar and run it directly.
Chrome User ? - If after download you see the No-entry sign then
    Click the tiny down arrow next to 'Discard' and choose 'Keep'.
 Installer for Windows
2017 May 27
 Single jar for Mac PC
   / Linux
2017 May 27
 Zip for win users with
  virus checker probs
2017 May 27
Problems downloading the .exe ?
Some download time virus checkers (like Avast) sometimes report the .exe above as being infected (Avast says ... DRep).  But they will happily download the .zip file. Then when you check the .exe, that is inside THAT zip file, with their real virus checker, it says - No Threats Found   !      [Sigh] what is a developer of free software supposed to do ?
What all these warnings are trying to tell you is - don't install the software unless you trust where it came from. This is sound advice and unless you personally know me (and all of the early adopters DO know me) then all I can do is to suggest that you google to find out what Bridge Players say about aaBridge.

Open Source
The project is open source.   The full sources and a 'How to - Build aaBridge' are included inside the .jar file.

Dealer Scripts for BBO
The zip file contains Bridge Dealing scripts for the Hans van Staveren Dealer program (which is what BBO uses). It also contains runnable versions of the Dealer program for both Win, Mac and Linux.
The zip file is built into aaBridge (see top of page).
To access it, go to the   aaBridge   menu bar   -
Look under Help & How do I ?   then on the menu top line   click
        View the aaBridge Document Collection

Oliver Clarke Precision   -   OCP
Each year Oliver gives a series of FREE on-line lessons in his high end Precision system see http://ocp.pigpen.org.uk.
His full course (2016-2017) is also built into aaBridge (see top of page).   To access it, go to the   aaBridge   menu bar   -
Look under   BooksL   then in the   System   section click
    System   -   Oliver Clarke Precision  2017
Videos + VOICE of the current series of lessons.
    ( When there, add the folder to your  My Drive.
      You will need to sign-in to Google to do this.
      This action gets around a current Google Drive
        synchronisation bug - new videos are hidden! )
New  Quick Small OCP tables     Small image versions
    of the Asking Bid tables tables.     (Easy to save)
Playable hands from all Thursday Practices.
Oliver's OCP site   -   Class Teaching schedule.
Oliver puts the Chat Logs of all the completed lesson together with lin files of the hands used in the class (playable in aaBridge) on the Teaching page on his site.
OCP Forums You can join the OCP forums, contribute and / or ask questions.   Best to create your account using your BBO ID so we all know who is who.
(Pay for) John Lute's books on OCP are on Amazon.
Don't forget the full OCP course included in aaBridge as mentioned a little above.
Self Practice hands for many OCP (and non-OCP) conventional bids, for example, mini-splinter and LEB are built in to aaBridge.    You can also upload the hands to BBO for practising with a partner or a group.
Look just below the OCP Lessons   INSIDE   aaBridge.

Do enjoy your Bridge